September 20, 2009

Ian Kennedy called up

After throwing three perfect innings in his last outing in Triple-A, Ian Kennedy has been called up to finish the remainder of the season with the Yankees.

"This is crazy," Kennedy said. "I didn't dream of this happening. After not pitching all year, this seemed crazy. When he called me and told me it was going to happen ... I'm still in shock."

He sounds really happy to be back. Almost too happy…

Kennedy has always been dominant in the minors (19-6, 1.95 ERA, .985 WHIP), but the numbers didn’t translate last year (0-4, 8.17 ERA, 1.92 WHIP).

Most of the beats believe he could play a similar role to Phil Hughes this season next year. That would be a huge bonus to the Yankees for someone who has left some people’s radar.

Good luck, Kennedy!

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