September 14, 2009

My Yankee Stadium experience part 2 (with photos)

I was also at the stadium for Saturday’s game. Like Friday, the Yankees lost to the Orioles by a wide margin (any loss over one run against the Orioles is too big).

The main corridor really struck me. It was fun to try and name all of the players (not all of them were as easy as Ruth and Gehrig).

Is it really necessary for every single field level seat to have one of these signs posted on them?
be alert

me.ruthI wanted to go visit Monument Park before the game, but it was already closed a half hour before game time. This is as close as I got:

I tried the regular fries sold at some hot dog stands, but there were also garlic fries. The Yankees felt the need to advertise them on the big screen, making them look gigantic.

garlic fries I loved the way the Stadium flaunted their history everywhere — even above the concession stands.
Of course, we ended the day with the annual Neslins and Taylors photo. Isn’t little Logan adorable?


A few other notes and observations from the Stadium:

  • The cup holders were a nice addition — even in the upper deck.
  • I wish the arches around the stadium were lit up more. Even with the lights on, they weren’t very bright.
  • In general, each of the levels were far more packed with vendors than Citi Field.
  • Also, the food was spread out throughout the stadium far more equally than Citi Field, where all of the good food was located behind the outfield wall.
  • Apparently the new stadium doesn’t like me being there. The Yankees went 0-2 against the Orioles, a team they were 6-0 against at home this season prior to the weekend.
  • It seemed the general incline of the upper deck wasn’t as steep as the old stadium. You just don’t feel quite as on top of the action as you used to.
  • It’s sad to think that Nick Swisher was roaming different territory in right field than Babe Ruth.
  • All in all, it’s a good stadium, but was it really worth the upgrade?

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