September 2, 2009

Why is Nick Swisher a road warrior?

If you are not aware, you must now realize that Nick Swisher has produced 72 percent of his runs on the road, and smacked 87 percent of his homers away from Yankee Stadium. The one question is, why?

Yankee Stadium is considered by most as one of the easiest places for lefties to hit homers. Swisher is a switch hitter, but he has taken 67 percent of his at bats from the left side.

It’s fun to note that his slugging percentage on the road is nearly double what it is at home (.616 vs. .309). But the one thing I noticed that might have something to do with the odd discrepancy is his walk totals. He has walked 47 times at home and 31 on the road, keeping his OBP at home above his OBP on the road (.373 vs. .361).

Playing four less games at home, and walking 16 more times does account for a significant number of at bats. But still, not close to the amount needed to account for the difference.

What makes this even weirder is his career splits. Before this year, Swisher had eight more homers at home than he did on the road.

I think we just have to put this season under the “really rare instances” category.

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