October 5, 2009

Best in the Pen 9/28-10/4: Alfredo Aceves

It’s funny the way I said in the beginning that it seems a different reliever arises every week. Well, that basic principle held true for five weeks until finally Alfredo Aceves has stepped up once again.

“Ace” tossed 6-1/3 IP of shutout baseball in three appearances last week, allowing just two hits and striking out seven.

It’s great to see a guy that was the most dependable for the Yankees in the beginning of the season return to form heading into postseason play when everything matters far more.

To delve into the pitching theory side of Aceves a little bit, he isn’t your average reliever. He’s not a Joba Chamberlain or Phil Hughes who overpower hitters, or make them look silly on an off-speed pitch.

Ace relies on several different pitches and has a solid command of most of them. He pitches a lot like a starter does, but he wasn’t the same in his one chance back in July.

Also, it’s cool to note that he went 10-1 this year, joining a short list of relievers to ever achieve a double-digit win total.

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