October 30, 2009

Blown calls a lingering issue in World Series

The umpires last night blew two double play calls in a row last night, starting with Johnny Damon’s “line out” in the seventh and then Mark Teixeira’s “great stretch” in the eighth. In the end, it evened out.

Do you think the second call was a makeup call because the umps realized they were wrong after the first double play? Do you believe in makeup calls?

I believe the umps just missed two plays in a row, and it happened to go both ways so people don’t think much of it. But I can easily understand why people would disagree with me. It’s a blurry topic.

In recent news, Bud Selig said he would be reviewing adding more instant replay in baseball this offseason, according to Jeff Fletcher of MLB Fanhouse.

I’m a purist, and I don’t want to see instant replay expanding anymore. I’m afraid that if anything else gets added, eventually every single pitch and play will be called without umps. That may seem like a doubtful scenario, but it seems to me that everyone will continue to complain about whatever is not being reviewed. That’s what is happening right now, so why does anyone think they will stop?

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