October 20, 2009

Frame-by-frame: Rivera didn’t throw a spitball, MLB confirms

Some Angels fans claimed they saw Mariano Rivera juice up a ball in last night’s game by spitting on it. The MLB has investigated the situation and has cleared Rivera from any wrongdoing.

Here is the frame-by-frame (via Halo’s Heaven):

It seems pretty clear to me that he spit on the ground, not the ball, but some thought the Majestic logo on Mike Scioscia’s jersey in the last frame was the halo of Rivera’s spit on top of the ball. According to Major League Baseball, this is not the case, apparently. 

I think it’s kind of funny that a fan would accuse Rivera of throwing a spitball. “It’s because of the spitball that he was able to escape the 10th inning jam.” Not a chance.

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