October 7, 2009

Game 1: A Jeterian victory, forget A-Roid

Staring at my iPod Touch during class, I saw my Yankees being shut out through two innings and falling behind 2-0 after two-and-a-half, and I began to worry. Then, out of nowhere, Derek Jeter smoked a two-run shot down the left field line to tie it up. The Yanks never looked back, and went on to easily beat the Twins 7-2.

Quick ‘Cap:
Nick Swisher’s RBI double in the fourth gave his team the lead, and then Hideki Matsui broke it open in the fifth with a long two-run homer to center. Alex Rodriguez tacked on RBI singles in the fifth and seventh innings, but talked all about the team effort in his postgame interviews.

CC Sabathia really worked through the first three innings, and then was “Cy Young CC” after Jeter’s homer circled the left field foul pole. Sabathia scattered eight hits over 6-2/3 innings, walked nobody and struck out eight. Just one of his two allowed runs were earned.

Joe Girardi was typical Joe Girardi, using Phil Hughes, Phil Coke, Joba Chamberlain and Mariano Rivera to close out the final 2-1/3 innings. Full box score here.

Not sure if I agreed with Girardi using our best relievers with a five-run lead. I would rather have thrown Chad Gaudin to close it out after CC. Also, how sweet is it for the captain to bring the offense to life in Game 1 of the postseason? As my dad said, he really has that magical something about him. “He’s a hall of famer,” dad said. I love you, dad. Just how big was A-Rod’s first hit tonight? Read all about it Thursday morning.

Line of the Night:
Jeter: 2-for-2, HR, 2 RBI, 3 R, 2 BB. In one word: Jeterian.

Up Next:
You know what’s next. It’s Game 2. At the stadium. Friday night, same time.

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