October 31, 2009

Has A-Rod lost his postseason magic?

People always used to say, “Oh, he’s great in the regular season, but can’t when it counts in the postseason.” If A-Rod’s slump continues people will be saying, “He can do it in the postseason, but not the World Series.”

I really, really don’t want to hear those petty Red Sox fans in my ear about Alex Rodriguez this offseason, and luckily, I don’t think I will, either.

As Buster Olney said last night, it hasn’t been as much A-Rod slumping as it has been the tough, tough pitching he’s faced. Cliff Lee and Pedro Martinez have been throwing darts against him, and he can’t even avoid getting struck out.

I’m not sure how he will fare against the always up-and-down Cole Hamels, but I am confident he still has his magic.

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