October 3, 2009

Joba to relieve Sunday

Joba Chamberlain report from Bryan Hoch:

Yankees manager Joe Girardi said that the club has reconsidered its stance and plans to take a look at Chamberlain for one inning of relief in Sunday's regular-season finale against the Rays, in what could be an audition for a playoff roster spot.

Let me take a moment to put down ESPN, as I learned this news from their text message alert. Here’s exactly what it said:

NNY P Joba Chamberlain will pitch in relief Sunday vs. TB; will likely pitch out of bullpen in ALDS.

Hey ESPN, he is AUDITIONING for a spot on the ALDS roster. Even though they said “likely” pitch in relief in the ALDS, the text implied he already earned a spot — at least from my perspective.

NOW, back to the news. What do you think of the move so late in the season? This was expected, but I didn’t see the decision coming so late. To me, one game of relief is not much of an audition. Especially since it will be coming against the Rays’ backups most likely. Also, who else besides me is interested in seeing how fast his fastball is coming in? Still 92 MPH, like most people believe? I think not.

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