October 27, 2009

My first (and probably last) experience at Giants Stadium


This was the view of the field and the empty bleachers from my seats around two hours before the opening kickoff.


Most of the seats filled up when the national television cameras started rolling. According to ESPN.com’s box score, 78,299 were in attendance.

Speaking of cameras… you may or may not believe me, but my friend who had the tickets and I were on the Jumbotron together during a “fan cam” glance!

For a 33-year-old stadium, I was surprised to find it sporting similar luxuries one might find in Yankee Stadium, such as small TVs in certain areas where it’s hard to see.

Overall, I was very pleased with the stadium. For those who haven’t been, it’s an extremely generic, old-fashioned layout There are no tricks about it - just an oval surrounding a rectangle.

The new stadium is almost in jumping distance from the spiral staircases on the outside of the stadium. Another notable moment was the frisbee dogs performing at halftime. One of them felt it was a good idea to hump (yes, no joke) the other dog in the middle of the field.

The Giants lost after Eli Manning couldn’t finish two late fourth quarter drives to tie the game at 24. However, shortly after leaving the parking lot, I heard John Sterling’s call of the Yankees winning the pennant, so that lifted my spirits up a notch.

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