October 12, 2009

Poll Results: Teixeira was team MVP


In a popular vote, Mark Teixeira won the vote of the fans for team MVP in 2009. Teixeira finished the season tied for first in homers and first in RBIs. He is expected to be the secondary candidate to Joe Mauer for the league MVP Award.

Originally, my vote was with Teixeira, but I decided to change it to Alex Rodriguez. And no, it’s not because of A-Rod’s recent postseason accomplishments. It just hit me that Tex’s season may never have turned around if it weren’t for A-Rod returning from the DL. I don’t have the numbers, but it seems pretty likely that A-Rod may have the best win-loss record for any player who played in at least 100 games.

Vote in next week’s poll: Who should start game 4 for the Yankees?

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