October 8, 2009

Why aren’t the Yankees playing tonight?

Doesn’t that stink? The Yankees played last night, and will play Friday and Sunday. During the season, teams will normally play three days in a row and be done. This playoff series is completely different.

If the Yankees had chosen option B, they would have played tonight and tomorrow night.  The extra day off in option A allows them to use just three starting pitchers rather than four.

Having a day off in between each game allows the manager to keep less durable players in the lineup each game. Not to mention, it keeps bullpens fresh, which is why the Yankees are only carrying 11 pitchers and 14 hitters on their ALDS roster.

So, why aren’t the Yankees playing tonight? Because the Cardinals and Dodgers are playing tonight (which should be a great series, by the way). And god forbid two games are on at once. Don’t you care about the TV ratings? (sarcasm).

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