October 28, 2009

Yankees add Hinske, Bruney to roster

Reporting to you from Austin, Texas, the Yankees have made two roster switches (see headline).

Eric Hinske and Brian Bruney will replace Freddy Guzman and Francisco Cervelli on the roster. I’m assuming the reasons behind the changes are that Hinske’s pop is more valuable than Guzman’s speed, and an extra reliever just to be cautious.

I agree with both moves. However, don’t expect either of the new additions to be making a big impact. This is the World Series folks, not the time to review borderline players’ capabilities.

I think it is more likely you will see Hinske because he could pinch hit for Melky Cabrera in a situation where the Yankees are in need of a homer. I only see Bruney coming in during extra innings, or when a starter gets blown out (I don’t see that happening).

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