October 13, 2009

Yankees & Angels to start Friday

I don’t think major league baseball was expecting the Yankees and the Angels to sweep their respective series. Now, both teams will wait until Friday to kick things off in the American League Championship Series to fight for the AL pennant.

It would be the Yankees’ 40th pennant and the Angels’ second. Hmm.

Anyway, does anyone else think this series should be starting tomorrow night? Waiting until Friday is turning the postseason into the NBA playoffs, which drag out way, way too long. The season spans six months without the playoffs. Now, if the World Series goes seven games, it will end in November!

Let’s not forget the toll it may have on the players either. Four days of relaxation is a nice way for Alex Rodriguez to cool down from his hot divisional series play. And for the pitchers, it is vital that they all are throwing bullpen sessions in between. When you are pitching for seven months (including spring training) continuously every fifth day, and then take a little time off, your arm is bound to tighten up.

But I’m pretty sure the Yankees know this and have things under control. I understand this has to do with TV scheduling, but now that the NLDS is over, and the NLCS starts Thursday, there is no reason to wait until Friday for the ALCS to begin.

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