October 23, 2009

Yankees blow two-run lead

The Yankees trailed 4-0 for the entire game until a six-run outburst in the seventh, but the Angels rallied back in the bottom half and extended the series to six games with a 7-6 victory.

Quick ‘Cap:
It appeared the game was over early when A.J. Burnett struggled to record the first out of the game. But when he finally did, he couldn’t stop. He lasted all the way into the seventh inning, but allowed the first two runners to get on base.

Joe Girardi opted for Damaso Marte after the Yankees had just scored six in the top half of the inning. Marte got two outs, but the runners had advanced to second and third, so Girardi switched to Phil Hughes. Hughes proceeded to blow the game.

The Yanks threatened in the ninth with the bases loaded and two out for Nick Swisher, but he ended his 0-for-5 night with a pop up. Full box score here.

Rebecca Glass and I have similar postgame thoughts. We both would have had Mariano Rivera in the seventh, as that was the highest-leverage situation. You might think, oh, of course you would put your best pitcher in when the other team scored. But I was thinking this as the game went on.

The game is not always won and lost in the ninth inning. Last night, I thought it was easy to see that the seventh inning would be where the game was decided. Oh well, at least the series is back in New York now.

Line of the Night:
Swisher: 0-for-5, K, 4 LOB. Anyone else think he shouldn’t be starting?

Up Next:
It will be Andy Pettitte and Joe Saunders in Game 6 on Saturday night. I will be watching.

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