October 27, 2009

Yankees World Series rotation up in the air

Via John Heyman’s twitter:

nothing official yet but #yanks leaning toward rotation of 1 thru 7: CC, AJ, Pettitte, CC, AJ, Pettitte, CC.

I think this makes for an interesting topic of discussion. The decision to use three starters in the ALCS was a pretty easy decision. For the World Series, there is not that extra off-day in the middle (barring postponements).

Should Joe Girardi send the big three all out on three days rest? Start only CC Sabathia on three days rest, then have Chad Gaudin for Game 5, A.J. Burnett for Game 6 and Andy Pettitte (or Sabathia) for Game  7? Or, do you have to play it by ear?

I’m leaning toward the second plan I mentioned, but play Game 7 by ear based on how Pettitte and and Sabathia fared in their starts against the Phillies. I don’t like the idea of Burnett of going on three days rest. He seems like a guy who really relies on a routine (using Jose Molina, and pitching on the same number of days rest).

Post your rotation ideas in the comments!

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