November 9, 2009

MLBTR’s offseason outlook

This is one post that every baseball fan should check out. Tim Dierkes of MLB Trade Rumors looked at the top 50 free agents of the offseason and predicted where each would wind up before next spring.

For the Yankees, he foresaw just one big move and a couple of re-signings. The big move is the signing of John Lackey, who Dierkes ranks the second best FA of the winter. The two re-signings are Andy Pettitte (ranked 6th) and Johnny Damon (12th). He left Hideki Matsui for the Mariners.

Oh by the way, Dierkes has the Red Sox signing Jason Bay, Marco Scutaro, Rich Harden, Aroldis Chapman and Tim Wakefield. If he is even half correct, I’m already scared of the Yankees’ rivals.

Please, check out Dierkes’ full post and then let’s debate about who the Yankees should and should not go after.

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