November 30, 2009

Move Posada to DH in 2010?

Heck no. But Yankees blog Was Watching makes a case for Jorge Posada DH-ing in 2010.

The first thing I thought when I heard the idea was, “Who’s gonna catch?” The article gave a vague response:

Who will catch if Posada is the D.H.? Well, here, you have to get creative. Whether it’s signing someone under the radar like David Ross…meaning getting someone with better catching skills than Posada but with a bat that won’t kill you like Jose Molina…or, swinging a trade for someone like Ryan Doumit…meaning someone who is not terrible behind the plate and who has some potential offensive upside…the Yankees have to do something here.

Hmm. Trading for someone with sub-par defensive skills, like Posada, is not the answer I was looking for at all. Here’s my case:

  • The Yankees seemed to be just fine with Posada behind the dish in 2009, as they all wound up with World Series rings.
  • Posada’s value as a catcher is extremely high because of his great production at the plate, something hard to find in the majors outside of Joe Mauer.
  • Any DH the Yankees go with in 2010, even Juan Miranda, is a better hitter than Jose Molina or David Ross.
  • Posada isn’t so awful that teams run on him non-stop. As long as a catcher has a bat to back up mediocre catching, he benefits the team.
  • Most importantly, the Yankees finally do have the catching prospects to take over for Posada with Austin Romine and Jesus Montero. They already made the mistake of trading Dioner Navarro, so I have a feeling the Yankees will try and keep both of their new prospective catchers of the future.
Please, feel free to defend Was Watching. I’d love to hear some counter-arguments.

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