November 14, 2009

Picking outfielders on a slow Saturday…

Looking over at my poll results so far, there seems to be some debate over who the Yankees should be going after. I am hoping the Yankees can land Johnny Damon and one of the other four outfielders I mentioned. Here’s how I would order my wish list:

  1. Curtis Granderson
    Granderson had an off-year and slugged 30 homers. He has spent most of his career hitting leadoff, but he wouldn’t have that kind of pressure with the Yankees. I could see him batting as low as seventh, or even ninth. Granderson isn’t a free agent, but he is certainly on the trade market, and the Tigers and Yankees have a good history of getting trades done.
  2. Chone Figgins
    If you can’t beat him, sign him! This ultra-versatile player has been a pest to the Yankees his whole career. Now, he’s become a premier player and is a free agent. He may be best holding down the fort at the hot corner, but he is certainly qualified to patrol any spot in the outfield. FYI, he had a higher OBP (.395) than SLG (.393) last year. I can definitely see him or Granderson in center field in 2010.
  3. Matt Holliday
    Probably the hottest commodity on the market, Holliday can fit in any lineup. He might bat second, as he would probably only be signed if Damon was let go. Holliday can hit outside of Coors Field in Colorado. He proved that with St. Louis in the second half last year. Not to mention, he said he wanted to sign with a New York team last month.
  4. Jason Bay
  5. I don’t normally like Red Sox players, but I respect this guy. He was the face of the Pirates franchise for five years and got no respect. He goes to the Red Sox, and he carries a surprisingly weak offense. Bay is a professional guy that could fit well with Yankees. I wouldn’t take him over the three mentioned above.

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