November 13, 2009

Yankees fishing the market

Over the past few days, and for the rest of the offseason, you are going to hear a lot of names linked with the Yankees. I’d like to warn you now to be careful what you believe.

If a writer says something like, “Dejesus would be a good fit with the Yankees,” that doesn’t necessarily mean that those two parties have even met about making a deal. Look for explicit wording about what the actual communication between the parties involved.

As for the floating names recently, here they are: Roy Halladay, Johnny Damon, Jason Bay, Matt Holliday, Chone Figgins, Curtis Granderson, John Lackey and Aroldis Chapman.

Post – Granderson

Headline: Yankees likely to target Granderson

Believability: This is such crap I cannot believe Sherman. You think I’m kidding? Here’s his second paragraph:

The Yankees will almost certainly push to the front of the line when it comes to Granderson.

Where are the facts? That statement is solely going by the Yankees traditional plan of getting in the action. Nowhere does it say the two teams have met and discussed a deal.

Daily News – Halladay

The Blue Jays haven't decided whether or not to trade Halladay this winter, but if they choose to move the former Cy Young Award winner, a bidding war could break out between the Yankees and Red Sox.

Believability: Rumor

A source with knowledge of the Yankees' thinking said the Bombers already have their sights set on signing either Halladay or Cliff Lee if both become free agents after next season.

Believability: Reality. See the difference? (underlined)

Daily News – Bay, Holliday, Figgins

If Damon goes elsewhere, they'll likely get involved with Bay and Holliday, although there is talk they'd prefer to sign Figgins and move him to left.

Believability: Rumor for Bay and Holliday, reality for Figgins – Chapman

The bidding war for the 21-year-old Chapman's services figures to be extensive, as Mejia told The Globe that 10 teams are interested in meeting with the power left-hander. The Yankees are believed to be one of those teams.

Believability: Rumor. Where does it say the two teams met?

Sports Illustrated – Lackey

The Yankees will also take a look at top free-agent pitcher John Lackey.

Believability: Reality. Jon Heyman cannot use the word “will” in his writing unless he has been told by Yankees officials that they will pursue Lackey.

LoHud Yankees Blog – Damon

The agents for both Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui were in Chicago these past three days, but Yankees general manager Brian Cashman met with neither of them.

Believability: Reality. They have not met yet, it’s a fact.

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