November 19, 2009

Yankees Roy Halladay rumors

The Yankees have been in contact with the Blue Jays to talk about ace starter Roy Halladay, according to Jon Heyman.

As you know, I believe the Yankees should definitely go after Halladay. He is available to AL East teams this time around, his proven ability exceeds the cost of prospects and pairing him up with CC Sabathia translates to a 28th world championship.

Heyman mentions that the Red Sox are more determined then ever to add a big player. But Bob Nightengale is throwing in the Dodgers to the list of bidders for Halladay as well.

With free agents being eligible to sign with other teams after midnight tonight, some starters might be moving around and that could determine how competitively the Yankees will be going after Halladay.

Don’t expect any huge moves to happen tonight, but certainly look out for some over next week and December.

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