December 31, 2009

Cardinals ‘moving closer’ to re-signing Matt Holliday

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported late last night the Cardinals and Matt Holliday are “moving closer” to a deal worth over $100 million. That means he might be making more than Albert Pujols, which is ridiculous. Then again, so is Barry Zito.

If the deal goes through, that makes Johnny Damon arguably the best position player left on the market. Where will he go? Here are some teams I think are in need of a left fielder/designated hitter: Orioles, Indians, Athletics, Braves, Marlins, Giants, Tigers and still possibly the Yankees. The only team I’ve heard Damon linked to this offseason is the Yankees, but I really doubt both parties can come to an agreement at this point. The rest of the teams listed are purely my speculation.

At first I was thinking he could end up back with the Red Sox, but I forgot they already found a replacement for Jason Bay — Mike Cameron. So now I predict he will sign with the team he played for in 2001, the A’s. They have no left fielder (Scott Hairston) and really no DH. Billy Beane says he wants to keep his team younger, but I think Damon fits in Oakland.

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