December 17, 2009

Granderson will wear No. 14 (Update on Johnny talks)

grandersonToday was Curtis Granderson’s first press conference as a Yankee. Since he couldn’t have No. 28 because of Joe Girardi’s stupid system, Granderson settled for half. Fourteen was also his number in high school, so I’m sure he’ll be fine if there was any superstition around No. 28.

This is more good news on the Yankees’ front:

Eager to get started, the new center fielder, who batted .183 vs. LHP last season, has already spoken to Kevin Long. The two plan on meeting this winter, either in Chicago, where Granderson lives, or in Arizona, where Long is located. Alex Rodriguez said hitters can expect a 10-15 percent jump in production thanks to Long, and believes he will help Granderson improve on his weaknesses.


Meanwhile, talks have stalled with Johnny Damon. It’s pretty simple, Damon (probably Scott Boras) is selling him at too high a price and the Yankees feel they have the flexibility to stand pat. However, Jorge Posada thinks the deal will get done. He also agrees with me about signing another starter to allow Joba Chamberlain or Phil Hughes to move to the bullpen (sorry to sound like a broken record).

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