December 26, 2009

Happy holidays everyone!

I just got back from an unexpected two-day vacation from my blog. Unexpected in that I wasn’t anticipating the Marriott to charge $12.95 for Wi-Fi. I was like, “come on, coffee shops in New York City offer free internet, why can’t a three-star hotel  do the same?”

I’ve been meaning to write a post comparing the Yankees’ and Red Sox’ rotations, so look forward to checking that out first thing tomorrow morning.

Anyway, after going through my 177 unread items on Google Reader, it sounds like you followers and I didn’t miss too much involving the Yankees the past couple days. If you’re interested in some of the ideas for left field being tossed around, below is a small link dump for y’all.

I hope everyone had a nice holiday break! Next up is New Years Eve just a week away.

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