December 17, 2009

Is Nick Johnson returning to the Bronx a possibility?

George King had the first report of a return to the Bronx for Nick Johnson yesterday afternoon. Today, King said Johnson and the Yankees are continuing talks about him being the next DH.

Once a Yankee, always a Yankee.

The Yankees traded away Johnson for Javier Vazquez back in 2003. Vazquez was a bust for the Yanks, and Johnson was the injury-prone first baseman the Expos expected.

As you can see, he’s still an on-base machine.

I think he makes a good candidate to DH for the Yankees in 2010 because then they don’t have to spend Boras-money on Johnny Damon. Also, the Yankees have some bats internally that I’m sure they are interested in testing out at DH soon (Montero, cough).

The move intrigues me because I like securing a quality bat while it’s still early in the winter. I am strongly advocating the Yankees need to start adding to their depleted pitching staff.

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday. It’s finals week here at Quinnipiac. I’ll be done after Friday.

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