December 7, 2009

Pettitte turns down supposed 1-year, $10MM deal from Yankees

Joel Sherman from the New York Post on the latest talks with Andy Pettitte:

Pettitte was the first and only player the Yankees have made an offer to since the World Series ended, The Post has learned. The proposal was for one year in what was believed to be the $10 million range or about what Pettitte made in 2009 between base salary and bonuses.

I’m extremely shocked by Pettitte’s refusal if the deal really was a one-year, $10 million deal. I hope the Yankees won’t have to pay more than that to keep Pettitte for next season. Sherman went on to report this interesting bit:

The initial offer was not accepted, but an NL official who had spoken to an involved party insisted the deal will get done, and privately the Yankees believe Pettitte wants to pitch in The Bronx in 2010.

This sounds like a big fat rumor to me. A National League official? Really? And if Pettitte really did say he wants to pitch in The Bronx in 2010, it’s not private anymore. Looking for more Yankees rumors? Sherman is your guy.

If he returns, the Yankees probably will not pursue the top free-agent starter available, John Lackey. But they could try to do a one-year deal with a physical reclamation project such as Justin Duchscherer, Ben Sheets and possibly even the chronically injured Rich Harden if he were willing to do a one-year contract.

As most New Yorkers now, when reading The Post, you have to be a little skeptical of the information.

UPDATE: Looks like this report from The Post was indeed false. I told you, you have to be skeptical.
Also, sorry for the lack of posts the past couple days. With the Winter Meetings beginning early this morning, I’ll be back all week with hopefully some exciting content.

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