December 11, 2009

Wang: To tender, or not to tender

The deadline to tender contracts to players is Saturday. The forgotten Chien-Ming Wang must be offered a contract of at least 80 percent of his $5 million he earned last season ($4MM).

So, should the Yankees give this guy another shot? It’s really a tossup. Here’s a guy who put up near-Cy Young caliber numbers for two straight seasons. But Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman has hardly mentioned him in rotation talk for 2010.

He’ll open 2010 with whatever team at the age of 30, which gives reason to believe he has his best years ahead of him. But with his injury-plagued 2008 and 2009 seasons, it’s tough to lay down at least $4 million on him.

My call: Lay the money down. Pitching coach Dave Eiland should tell him to go back to his old sinkerball ways of 2006 and 2007. Ease up on the slider, there’s no need to break out a strike out pitch so often when you have a dynamite sinkerball.

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