December 28, 2009

Yankees pursuing left fielder in spite of fans, DeRosa near deal with Giants

Peeking over at my poll on the left, the first outburst of fans are trusting Brett Gardner to start in the outfield in 2010. However, Jon Heyman is tweeting the Yankees are looking to add an outfielder and will be disappointed if Mark DeRosa signs with the Giants.

Those talks have been moving slowly since last week, but it appears they’re really trying to close the deal soon.

You might be wondering why Brian Cashman doesn’t just outbid the Giants for DeRosa. If you are, you should know the Yankees are reportedly looking to avoid a big increase in payroll, as they currently stand at approximately $200 million for 2010.

Also, Heyman attempted to minimize the talk about the Yankees’ interest in Jermaine Dye by tweeting other teams have more interest. I don’t think his poor defense belongs in the Yankees outfield anyway. Jeremy Reed sounds like a cheaper and better option to me.

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