January 8, 2010

Instant replay silences MSG crowd

I was at the Knicks game last night; my first in five years. The Knicks made a long run to come back against the Charlotte Bobcats and the crowd was as loud as it was all night. Bobcats guard Stephen Jackson made a jumper near the 3-point arc with under two minutes left and the play was reviewed to see if he was behind the arc or not when he shot. I whipped out my phone's stopwatch, and three minutes later the referees declared they got the call right originally.

Meanwhile, the crowd returned to its usual quiet form in less than a minute.

It got me thinking, the same would apply to baseball. Even though the game isn't as fast paced as basketball, if you've ever been to Yankee Stadium, you know the crowd will stand up for an entire at bat if the situation calls for it.

I can just imagine a called strike three causing the crowd to erupt, but then the call is overturned after a minute of instant replay review. It's an awful situation for the fans, and I'm sure it's even worse for the players.

Photo from Getty Images.

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