January 29, 2010

Johnny Damon really is an idiot

I’m not kidding. Jon Heyman reports Johnny Damon turned down a one-year, $6 million offer from the Yankees last week. LAST WEEK! Brian Cashman said (via Marc Carig):

"We had a strong desire to have Johnny back," Cashman said. "But not at all costs."

Johnny, you will regret this decision for the rest of the year. No team is going to offer you more than $6 million at this point in the offseason, and even if they do match the offer, you won’t be as happy as you would have been in New York. If I were you, I would fire Scott Boras immediately and post this flyer:

Just so you all know, there’s a chance Damon will be staying in the AL East, as the Blue Jays and Rays have expressed interest in the aging outfielder.

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