January 20, 2010

Latest Damon news revealed by Hairston on XM (Updated)

Jerry Hairston Jr., now with the Padres, spoke with Jim Bowden on XM Satellite Radio today and amazingly said this about Johnny Damon:

“Brian Cashman’s going to get mad at me, but Yanks didn't make me offer because he's waiting on Damon price to come down.”

That right there is Hairston getting back at the Yankees for not offering to re-sign him. Well played, JHJ.

Now I’m sure Cashman is going to get asked about this, and he’ll have one of two responses.

  1. Most likely, he’ll just shoot down the “rumor” leaving everyone confused on who to believe.
  2. But he could also answer Hairston was being truthful and the Yankees are moving closer to coming to terms with Damon. It’s still possible!

UPDATE: And here’s your response via Ken Davidoff:

Brian Cashman says it's "right" that he never made an offer to J. Hairston Jr., but "not right" that he is waiting for Damon's price to drop

Told you.

Also, be sure to check out Tyler Kepner’s latest blog post titled “Career Crossroads for Johnny Damon.” Kepner compares Damon’s career to Lofton’s and concludes Damon could wind up waiting for a key player to go down with an injury in spring training and take the player’s spot.

I haven’t heard that prediction yet, but I’m sure Damon and Scott Boras are keeping that idea in their minds.

Hat tip iYankees for tweet

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