January 22, 2010

Link dump: Ankiel, Baldelli, Nady, Mets

The Yankees haven’t done anything to improve their major league lineup/pitching staff since Tuesday, but rumors are still swirling of acquiring an outfielder to platoon with or even take over for Brett Gardner. Here’s a link roundup, including some notes on the Mets, who I saw all over my Google Reader this morning.

  • Rick Ankiel signs with the Royals ($3.25 million/1YR). Cross another name off the list for the Yankees.
  • Mets reach deal with Gary Matthews Jr. Is he worth $23 million over two years? Absolutely not. But the Mets are only paying $2 million of that and giving up RP Brian Stokes. Good move for Mets.
  • Not really news, but the Yankees are still considering Xavier Nady and Rocco Baldelli for the outfield. I’m surprised Ken Davidoff didn’t mention Reed Johnson too.
  • Also from Davidoff, the Yankees were interested in John Smoltz before trading for Javier Vazquez. Now the Mets are interested in the 42-year-old. Umm. WOW! That makes me feel awesome with having Vazquez.
  • Mets interested in picking up Chien-Ming Wang. They are one of 15 teams interested, Anthony McCarron reports. Maybe the Yankees should try and retain him for more depth?
  • Mets might re-sign Fernando Tatis… Go Mets!

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