January 26, 2010

Sheets to A's, Nady to Cubs ... Damon?

Buster Olney reported yesterday if the Athletics didn't sign Ben Sheets, they'd go after Johnny Damon. Well, the best starting pitcher on the market, Sheets, agreed to a deal with the Athletics today. Meanwhile, Xavier Nady has agreed on a deal with the Cubs.

What this all means: The Cubs and A's are no longer possible suitors for Damon's services, therefore, the Yankees' chances of re-signing him grow.

This is big news. During last season, I expected the Yankees to re-sign Damon. After signing Nick Johnson, I thought he was long gone. Now, there are just a few teams that would even remotely need/want Damon. The Yankees are one of them.

What does it all come down to: The same thing as always. Money.

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