February 1, 2010

Girardi: Winn adds depth to outfield

Joe Girardi was at Bernie Williams’ charity function on Saturday and had time to talk about the offseason.

Most notably, he said this of the Randy Winn acquisition:

"I know people have talked about Randy Winn replacing Johnny Damon, and that wasn't why we signed Randy Winn. We signed Randy Winn so we'd have depth to make sure we have depth and make sure that we have competition. If someone gets hurt, we have enough people to fill the spot. Randy Winn has been an everyday player for a long time. We're comfortable with him in that spot."

Like I said when the Yankees first picked him up, Winn is not the future. He’s just a guy to keep Brett Gardner on his toes. Since the Yankees couldn’t come to terms with Johnny Damon, a fourth outfielder was a necessary addition.

Here’s what Girardi said of the Damon situation:

“I don't think anyone is quite sure from our standpoint where Johnny is going to end up. But Johnny was a great Yankee, we loved having him, and we're going to miss him.”

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