February 19, 2010

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LoHud My blog offers all the vital Yankees news an everyday fan needs to keep connected with the team, plus anything about the Yankees I feel is worth discussing.

Readers may have noticed I’ve been linking to Chad Jennings a lot recently. And I have good reason to do so.

When Peter Abraham left The LoHud Yankees Blog late in the 2009 season, fans were worried if the up-to-the-minute coverage was going to continue. Well, I don’t think any fans have been disappointed with the Abraham’s replacements.

Jennings, along with Sam Borden, have been reporting more updates on the Yankees than anyone else on their blog. Their spring training updates go as in-depth as who caught whom in bullpen sessions to Joe Girardi’s expectations for players in camp.

When the regular season rolls by, don’t expect anything less in their coverage.

If you are looking for every detail available to the public on the Yankees, you should be reading The LoHud Yankees Blog. If you read something there that you want to talk about more, you should expect me to have something posted. If not, then please ask!

I strongly encourage fan interaction. It makes the site more attractive and I want to thank everyone who has commented here before. Talking Yankees was all I wanted to do when I started this blog last January. Nothing’s changed.

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