February 8, 2010

Poll Results: Fans expect big impact from Vazquez

poll results10 My latest poll shows Yankees fans are forgiving Javier Vazquez for his wretched second half and postseason performance in 2004.

This might be explained by Vazquez revealing he was in fact injured in the second half at his press conference on Dec. 22.

“In the second half, my arm didn’t feel as good as it did in the first half, and it was really the first time in my career, and really the only time in my career, that I felt my arm wasn’t where it’s supposed to be. I started getting treatment a little later than I should have. I never said anything. I went out there every five days. I hated not being out there. That might have been my mistake, I never said anything.”

I believe him. He was an All-Star that year, and he returned to that form after leaving the Yankees, especially last season when he placed fourth in Cy Young voting.

I’m surprised Curtis Granderson didn’t receive a higher percentage of the votes. His bat is far superior to Melky Cabrera’s and has a chance to make a great impact on the team, even if he hits as low as ninth in the order.

Also, Nick Johnson should’ve gotten some more love too. After all, he is projected to hit second this year…

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