February 2, 2010

Reed Johnson signs with Dodgers

The Yankees were pursuing FA Reed Johnson before they eventually wound up signing Randy Winn. This morning, Johnson reached a one-year, $800,000 deal with the Dodgers.

Most fans who had gotten over the Johnny Damon divorce were advocating for the Yankees to pick up Johnson, who would have been a nice fit to platoon with Brett Gardner. Just look at their career splits:

Gardner vs. RHP: .260/.328/.361
Gardner vs. LHP: .241/.310/.316

Johnson vs. RHP: .265/.324/.383
Johnson vs. LHP: .313/.378/.463

Instead, the Yankees ended up with Winn, whose splits last year don’t mesh well with Gardner’s.

Winn vs. RHP: .292/.354/.397
Winn vs. LHP: .158/.184/.200

It’s a small sample size, but it’s possible lefties have just finally figured out Winn.

Something to keep in mind: Winn is a switch-hitter.

In the end, this really isn’t anything to be too mad about. We’re talking about backup outfielders here, not the meat of the lineup.

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