February 21, 2010

Thoughts on Damon, Yanks offseason

After the Yankees signed Nick Johnson, I thought there was little chance Johnny Damon would return. After the Yankees signed Randy Winn, I knew he wasn’t coming back. Yesterday, Damon finally agreed to a deal with the Tigers.

Damon made perhaps the most defining play of the 2009 World Series when he stole third base in Game 4. Hideki Matsui provided the championship-clinching performance with six RBIs in Game 6. Now both are out of pinstripes and are playing for two of top competitors in the league.

If you’re Damon and could turn back the clock, would you accept a one-year, $6 million deal to stay in New York, the city you wanted to stay in the whole time. Or would you take the extra $2 mil to go play for Jim Leyland?

I think he’s regretting not accepting a deal with the Yankees. On the other hand, props to Scott Boras for getting him more money a couple days into spring training.

Damon or Granderson? I asked this to my Twitter followers yesterday: Who will have the better year? I think it’ll be pretty close, but possibly give a slight edge to Granderson since he’ll be hitting to a friendly right field fence.

Damon or Matsui? Who will have the better year? I answered this question for hotstove.com recently. I said Matsui will be more productive because the Angels will use him exactly the way the Yankees did. He still can hit.

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