March 27, 2010

Girardi expects Joba to make team

This whole Joba to the bullpen situation is mind-boggling. I have seen several reports from trustworthy sources that Joba Chamberlain will be in the bullpen this season, but those all seem to be assumptions now.

“The assumption is that he’s going to pitch at a high level and earn his spot,” Girardi said. “I expect him to be on this team.

As for a role, Girardi is still not committing to Chamberlain in the eighth inning. Last spring it would have been difficult to predict that Phil Hughes would take that setup job.

“You’d like to see someone lock it down,” Girardi said. “There are a lot of quality arms down there that could do it.” - LoHud

I don’t understand why Girardi used the word “expect.” It’s as if Chamberlain is still fighting for a spot in the pen over these final spring training games. More likely, he’s not ready to reveal the look of his bullpen publicly.

The LoHud notes remind fans the Yankees have a losing record this spring. I haven’t checked their record once this spring. Girardi didn’t seem to care.

“If you’re getting the pitching, then to me, that hitting is going to come,” he said.

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