March 28, 2010

Mixed thoughts on Joba’s future

The Yankees need to get their act together. In short, Brian Cashman sees Joba Chamberlain as a starter, while three other members of the organization like him as a reliever.

I think many fans are under the impression that if a starter gets injured, Chamberlain would replace him. Now, that’s very much in question.

General manager Brian Cashman on Joba:

"Typically, when that stuff comes my way, my answer is basically: 'You know what, guys? I'm not going to deal with the hypothetical,'" Cashman said. "He's a starter that right now, the way this camp completed, his role on the club would be to help us out of the 'pen.

"What 2011 is going to be like, or 2012, or 2013, it's hard to fast-forward to it. ... If I'm asked the question, I'm not getting to '11. I'm dealing with '10. Is it possible he can be in the rotation? I'd say, 'It's all possible.' He's a starter that's right now needed out of the 'pen."

Pitching coach Dave Eiland on Joba:

"We get more out of his ability as a reliever," Eiland said. "We feel like he can be a good starter. We feel like he can be a great reliever."

Said Eiland: "He's in the bullpen, and he's there to stay, period."

Director of scouting Billy Epler on Joba:

Eppler: "In the here and now, I don't foresee any situation. Obviously, that's for Brian and Joe, but I don't think they foresee a situation where he would go into the rotation. He is going to be a reliever, and obviously we've seen what he's been able to do in that role. He's been able to be very dominant in that role. I don't foresee a situation where he would be starting at all."

Roberts: "Right. But does the question get re-asked next year, in 2011, like, is Joba a starter? Do you think that question will be asked again? Maybe he'll compete for a rotation spot next year?"

Eppler: "Um... I wouldn't consider that likely, no."

Shortstop Derek Jeter on Joba as a reliever:

"He's done a good job in that role; Joba is a guy that pitches on emotion, so being in the bullpen benefits his demeanor," Jeter said. "He gets by on emotion, and it's easier - or at least more fitting - to get by on emotion when you're in the bullpen. There are guys that can do it as a starter, but for him, I think being in the bullpen is a good thing."

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