March 29, 2010

Poll Results: Hughes should be fifth starter

poll results17 The fans agreed with the Yankees’ decision to make Phil Hughes the fifth starter for 2010.

The move leaves Joba Chamberlain for the bullpen, which I know disappoints many fans who think it “stunts” his growth as a starter. Keep in mind that it is unclear whether the organization still views him as a starter.

After seeing what Joba offers as a starter, I am glad the Yankees went with Hughes. Yes, Joba showed promise with three solid starts at the end of July, but I think his style of pitching fits the bullpen better.

Hughes’ numbers as a starter might not be so great, but developing a changeup in spring training was a smart move. It shows he can be more than a two-pitch pitcher, like Joba, making him a stronger pitcher when going through a lineup more than once.

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