March 4, 2010

Yanks send second-tier lineup for Halladay

As if it matters what lineup Roy Halladay faces. The toughest batters he’ll face are Nick Johnson, Jorge Posada and Robinson Cano (which isn’t bad at all for second tier).

For those who didn’t keep tabs with baseball over the offseason, Halladay is now on the Phillies and Cliff Lee went to the Mariners.

Halladay’s counterpart in today’s 1 p.m. clash of the titans is CC Sabathia. It sounds like they’ll battle for only a couple innings. Below is the lineup.

Gardner, CF
Johnson, DH
Posada, C
Cano, 2B
Swisher, RF
Winn, LF
Miranda, 1B
Pena, SS
Laird, 3B

And the expected backups (via LoHud):

C Austin Romine, 1B Jose Gil, 2B Eduardo Nunez, SS Reegie Corona, 3B Jorge Vazquez, LF Colin Curtis, CF Reid Gorecki, RF David Winfree, DH Jesus Montero.

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