March 19, 2010

Yanks should deal Mitre, not Gaudin

Joel Sherman reiterated the Yankees’ plans to deal Chad Gaudin or Sergio Mitre before Opening Day.

So which one will Brian Cashman part with? Which one do the Yankees want to keep? Let’s look at their numbers from last year with the Yankees.

Gaudin 2 0 11 42 3.43 34 1.452
Mitre 3 3 12 51.2 6.79 32 1.626

Not a big sample size, but the pressure was on and both were healthy. Gaudin clearly was better during the season, earning him the spot on the postseason roster. But Mitre has been better this spring and has the cheaper contract to make things more complicated.

On the other hand, Gaudin is two years younger and Mitre hasn’t proven anything in season play. I’m also really tired of hearing about “meat-tray” during games. Get rid of Mitre, for anyone or anything.

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