May 30, 2010

Anyone worried about the bullpen now?

After hearing about yesterday’s bullpen choke, Alfredo Aceves’s injury and Joba Chamberlain’s recent ineffectiveness is starting to set in with people.

The bullpen blew a five-run lead yesterday to one of the worst teams in baseball. Scoring 11 runs should always be enough for a win. Jon Heyman’s recent report that the Yankees will be looking to add a reliever midseason shows the team isn’t confident in its current bullpen. Yesterday’s events only amplified this notion.

If Chamberlain, who now has a 5.82 ERA, can’t be the eighth-inning guy, the Yankees need to consider making a drastic change. Meaning: Give up a proven player or a top prospect for a big-time pitcher.

I’m serious. If it means giving up Francisco Cervelli, who might be at the highest value of his career, so be it. A bad bullpen translates to failure in the postseason. If the Yankees want to make a run at repeating as champs, Brian Cashman is going to have to make up for his offseason moves at the deadline this year.

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