May 15, 2010

Chan Ho Park to return Sunday, Nick Johnson TBD

Chan Ho Park hasn’t pitched for the Yankees since April 13, out with a hamstring, but was with the Yankees today and is expected to be available on Sunday. Hopefully diarrhea won’t play a factor in his availability.

Nick Johnson’s return to the team is in question (via LoHud). In sum: he’ll be out either three weeks or as many as six weeks — and it’s a 50-50 bet.

After going on the DL in Boston, he got a cortisone shot and the Yankees are waiting to see if that solves the problem in his wrist. Brian Cashman said that the shot does the trick roughly 50 percent of the time.

“We’re hoping that works,” Cashman said. “But if it doesn’t, we’ll have to take other avenues.”

Those other avenues are pretty limited to some sort of surgery. If the shot has done the trick, Johnson could be back in three weeks or so. If he has to have surgery, it will be another four to six weeks from the time of the procedure before he can pick up a bat. The Yankees should know within the next 10 days whether surgery is necessary.

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