May 18, 2010

Nick Johnson’s value unappreciated

What we all feared would happen happened yesterday. News broke that Nick Johnson will undergo surgery on his right wrist today, keeping him out of the lineup until July at the earliest.

As I’m writing this, the vote in my latest poll stands at Curtis Granderson 19, Johnson 2, for who will be missed more. People are forgetting Johnson was a valuable asset to this team because of his on-base percentage.

Yes, he was hitting .167 and didn’t have too many clutch hits, but he still made a huge impact on the game because he set the table for the producers and worked the heck out of opposing pitchers.

Granderson is leading this vote by such a wide margin because he hit two homers against the right team, made a few great catches and has a very likable personality. In terms of impact, this vote should be a lot closer.

Do the Yankees have any other choice but to keep Brett Gardner and Nick Swisher as the replacements in the lineup? It doesn’t look like it unless Brian Cashman makes a move.

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