May 23, 2010

Teixeira: ‘I can’t get any worse’

Well, technically, he could be 0-for-23 in his last 23 at-bats instead of 1-for-23, but who’s counting anyway?

… Only every single Yankee fan is counting.

Mark Teixeira is struggling in May, which is more like a nightmare for a player who is known for bad Aprils and great Mays. Here’s what he told reporters after last night’s loss and 0-for-4, three-strikeout night.

“For as good as I felt for two or three weeks there I feel the exact opposite right now,” Teixeira said. “I feel terrible. I can't get any worse right now.”

That’s saying a lot, and means a little at the same time. He knows he’s in a deep slump, but he doesn’t know how to get out of it. Further proof:

“I'm kind of caught in between being too aggressive and too patient right now. Maybe I'm taking too many swings (in the batting cage). Maybe I need to step it back and cut back on the lifting and cut back on the swings.”

Ahh. This is painful. The Yankees No. 3 hitter is in an awful slump and he has no idea what he’s doing wrong or how to solve it.

But I have the solution!

If the rest of the lineup steps up in his place, and the team starts winning, everyone will forget he is slumping and he will be under less pressure to perform. It sounds easy, but winning solves everything.

The fact is, the Yankees are about to complete one of the toughest weeks of their season, and it gets easier after tonight. Win or lose, it hopefully will be a good game with two of the best lefties of this era going head-to-head in the decisive game of a Subway Series.

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