June 1, 2010

Granderson & Swisher should hit second

I'm changing my mind. Even when Nick Johnson returns from the DL (if he returns), Curtis Granderson and Nick Swisher should hit second for Yankees. Granderson vs. righty starters and Swisher vs. lefty starters.

From Joel Sherman:
Granderson gives a power-speed component more reminiscent of Johnny Damon in that slot; and the lineup worked splendidly last year with Damon hitting second.

Against lefties, Girardi can start Nick Swisher in the No. 2 hole. He offers power and, while not a base stealer, he is not a base clogger like Johnson. His switch-hitting bat also would help thwart late-game matchups.

I absolutely agree with this. Sherman also suggested Johnson's high OBP is mitigated by his slowness. He's right.

Another note with the lineup: Brett Gardner needs to hit ninth - all the time. He isn't a good enough hitter to be at the top of the order yet, but his speed needs to be as close to the top as possible. The closest place is ninth.

His speed is extremely valuable. He ranks 11th in the majors with 36 runs scored. There's no reason he can't keep that pace hitting ninth and allowing the big boppers to drive him home.

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