July 5, 2010

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My Twitter

This is a snapshot of my Twitter feed. I know a lot of my followers are already on Twitter, but those who aren’t need to know what they’re missing.

Twitter is not as stupid as the name sounds (I’ll be the first to admit it’s stupid). So think of it as “microblogging” because that’s really what it is. This term fits quite well in my case, as I use my lenNYsYankees Twitter for micro posts; commentary that isn’t worth writing an entire post for, but still worth noting.

If you read my tweets (posts) above, you saw that I’m not using it solely to promote all of my blog posts (like the one on top), but also for small news updates, praising and dissing other’s work, linking to that work, and to make you laugh.

For those who are thinking, “I’m already on Facebook and I don’t want to sign up for another social media service,” I have a solution. You actually don’t have to sign up to see my tweets; all you have to do is type in twitter.com/lennysyankees. This page is really an upgraded version of my blog because you can find all of my blog’s content plus additional posts.

Although I’d prefer if you joined Twitter and followed me so we could more easily engage with the rest of the Yankees community, you really don’t have to join to follow me. A telling stat: I post 13.5 times per day on Twitter opposed to approximately 2.3 times per day on this blog.

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