August 6, 2010

Is Jeter due for a raise in next contract?

Mark Feinsand thinks so. He says “it’s more likely that [Derek] Jeter will get a raise to $22 million to $25 million per over the next four or five years.”

Due to his current contract structure, Jeter is making $21 million this season, the highest of his career.

Why would Feinsand think a 37-year-old shortstop — seemingly in decline — is due for a raise? Well, he was quick to point out that Jeter was named the most marketable player in baseball by Sports Business Daily this year. If you click the link, you’ll see the vote wasn’t even close.

An interesting point that may come along: What if Jeter got moved down in the lineup, as discussed recently on the blog? Would Feinsand still think Jeter is worth more than his current contract?

If you look at it from a marketing standpoint, Jeter is worth more to the Yankees than he would be for any other team. As Feinsand says, there’s no doubt the Yankees will re-sign Jeter. The only thing left to figure out are the numbers. Would you give him a raise? Over four to five years?

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